Project Description

For Spaceplus we created a club design for the second room of their club in Guangzhou, China: the Cosmic Arena. With over 5000 square meter of space, a 14 meter high ceiling and a capacity of 1500 people, this club doubles the size of the first club floor, which has recently been chosen as the world’s #22 club in the DJ Mag Club 100.


The design of the club is based on geometric hexagon patterns, layered in lights, video and scenic structures. We also gave the club another unique design feature; infinity mirrors. On the walls, there are 89 hexagon units equipped with double sided mirrors and LED panels, creating the illusion of infinite video depth. The centerpiece of the club is a 3 meter high infinity mirror object equipped with LED strips.


Furthermore there are 15 ceiling elements in the Cosmic Arena that can move up and down, a gigantic 43 meter wide transparent LED and an insane amount of moving lights and lasers. We also created custom visuals and 4 time coded shows to make the design come to life.


And last but not least; the entire design is modular, so it can be replaced by a new one in a matter of a few days, and could effortlessly move into another club.

Project Details




Stage & Club Design