Project Description

EDC, Also known as Electric Daisy Carnival is a massive annual electronic dance festival held in Las Vegas. It features renowned DJs, extravagant stage designs and interactive art installations. For EDC Las Vegas 2023, we have got the honor to create a new stage design for EDC Stage 7 Quantum Valley. Which turned out to be a truly wonderful stage, including an amazing show. Stage 7 Quantum Valley was all about hexagons and sacred geometry. Which could be seen in not only the design, but also in the visuals we’ve created specially for this stage.


Together with creating this new immersive stage design, we’ve got to create some stunning visuals. These were operated by our talented VJs. Besides creating the stage design, visuals and VJing, Vision Impossible also was responsible for the show direction. Once again our team’s expertise helped to create this wonderful and amazing experience for EDC Las Vegas 2023.

Project Details




Dance Events, Stage Design, VJing & Live Operating